5 Polite Phrases That Will Disarm Rude People Instantly

5 Polite Phrases That Will Disarm Rude People Instantly

When people are rude to you, it’s obviously extremely hard not to be offended or angry about it. The immediate reaction always is to respond harshly. However, it’s better to deal with the rudeness in a positive way without losing your calm. Try these 5 simple but effective phrases to handle politely harsh people.

“Thank you”

A simple phrase like “thank you” can go a long way in disarming rude folks. Rude ones often enjoy when the opponent loses their calm and fights back but don’t give them that pleasure. By being polite, it shows that you are not affected by their rudeness and have chosen to be the better person.

“You’re right”

People tend to not accept others’ opinions and constantly impose their own. This leads to heated arguments which can be easily avoided if you tell them that they’re right, provided they actually are in some way or the other. This will definitely stop the argument.

“You’re hurting my feelings”

Most people don’t tell others when they get hurt and keep it to themselves which causes more problem. It might be that the other person has no idea that they’re hurting you and are not doing it intentionally. It’s best to tell them directly and solve things.

“I think we should stop this conversation now”

You should not tolerate rude behavior and so if someone continues to offend you, directly ask them to stop. Often they are so thick-skinned that they don’t understand but this phrase will quickly shut them up.

“You always have something negative to say, don’t you?”

This statement will make the other person stop and think about their behavior. By making them aware of their attitude problem you can help them rectify it and be better.

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