8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Job Market

8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Job Market

Artificial Intelligence (or AI for short) is a hot topic in the job market. While some people are anxious about how AI will change careers and how to look for jobs, there are a few very positive ways AI will impact the workforce. Here are 8 ways AI will change the job market:

1Streamline the job search process

Recruiting services used to be limited to people with a lot of professional experience. Headhunters would seek out these high-worth individuals for positions, and recruiting companies would provide job search services for executive-level individuals. The rise of AI has made the searching for jobs an easier for people of all levels.

2Help employers find the right candidate

We know many companies are currently using algorithms to sort through resumes, but these algorithms are expected to improve with the rise of AI. Certain AI technology will be able to take a big picture look at each candidate, rather than just searching for keywords. This will be especially valuable for careers in creative fields, which typically source candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

3Solve internal work issues

For things like IT or benefits enrollment, chat bots will become incredibly useful. Instead of spending hours on the phone waiting for a customer service person to assist you, you’ll be able to interact with AI in real time to get your laptop fixed or sign up for health benefits.

4Better data analyzation

Everyone wants to know the data behind their company’s strategy. With AI, you can provide data analytics faster and with more accuracy than ever before. Run reports and get real-time data on how your client’s or company’s campaign is doing. See a few numbers you don’t like? These at-the-ready stats allow you to change direction quickly to avoid any profit or engagement dips.

5Personal assistants for all

Like recruiting and headhunting, a personal assistant used to be reserved for those at the highest level. But with AI, everyone can have access to their own personal assistant. You’ll be able to schedule meetings, book work travel, and make other plans through your AI assistant. This is great for employers because it reduces the amount of time employees need to spend on non=billable or non-profitable tasks.

6Streamline the budget

Budgeting can be a tedious, tiresome and thankless task. With certain AI platforms, you’ll be able to have your computer do the work for you. Looking to save money on office coffee costs? Let your AI bot find the best deal. Wondering if costs on other items have increased over the year? Have your AI bot investigate. You’ll be able to save time and money by leveraging technology for budgeting.

7Reduce employee issues

Since AI is a piece of technology, it won’t get upset when you ask it to run a task for the 87th time. Avoid employee tension by using AI for monotonous tasks.

8Allow employees to be more creative

Since all the mundane things like scheduling, searching and budgeting can be done by AI, employees will have more time to be productive and creative. Think of this as the start of the Innovation Age. College degrees will become even more important, as an educated, creative workforce will be in high demand.


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